The Right Time

A dear friend of mine called me the other day, and like always, our conversation was filled with laughter, insight and reflection. After catching up on the topics which BFF’s find amusing, she mentioned a more serious issue which was on her mind, and which was definitely worth sharing with me.

You see, she had worked hard towards reaching her career goals and had positioned herself well towards a much deserved promotion. Somewhere along the line, her hard work and qualification for the promotion, had gone unnoticed, and she was overlooked. Now, it’s natural that BFF’s would take a keen look at others who had succeeded in acquiring this promotion, and would naturally do a comparison to see where she had fallen short. After much deliberation it was obvious that one team was playing with a “deflated ball.” You remember when the Patriots were caught up in that scandal of unfair advantage, when they deflated their football, right? Yes, something like that had been detected.

Well, as humans, we all feel discouraged when we are treated unfairly, and sometimes the feeling of sadness lingers for a while. It dampens our mood, gets in the way of other things we need to accomplish, and for some people it can have a more lasting effect on our outlook on life. I did give my friend the usual BFF advice and support, which she is so often accustomed to hearing from me, whether she wanted it or not. I knew she needed to hear it and that’s what friends are for.

After ending our conversation, I kept thinking that it was just not the right time. Her time. I recall on many occasions when I had prayed and worked hard, towards reaching a particular goal, that I had just not gotten the outcome I had hoped for. The human instinct within me, made me question. Why not me? But as I continue to grow spiritually I have come to a position where I can truly dismiss that question with the words of one of my favorite songs “Farther Along,” And then without expecting my dream to be fulfilled or my goal realized, I am suddenly blessed with much more than I had hoped and prayed for. It has happened to me so many times now, that I have started to believe that my duty is to do the required work but leave the timing to God.

We will truly be happier when we accomplish our goals honestly, with integrity and in good timing. We will sleep more peacefully. We will be more deserving of the admiration we receive from others, and the pride we should feel in ourselves. For it is hard to be thankful for an “accomplishment” when we have achieved it through “deflating our balls.” Our “balls” are our principles and convictions. In short, we cannot sell our souls (or bodies) to the devil. There will be too much time and misery spent in trying to buy it back.

So to my BFF whom I speak of, and others struggling with the question of, why not me? I’ll tell you of a simple way you can make use of the time spent on waiting on a dream or a prayer to be fulfilled. Prepare for the blessing!
Think carefully and plan for the blessing as if you have already received it. This period of planning is our “faith period.” It helps us to make good of that which we have truly earned.
While we are preparing, let’s think big! and plan big!

Love you all. See you next time!.

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